Open INTRAC 2018

On Tuesday 2 October 2018, INTRAC held its first-ever open meeting of INTRAC in Porto, Portugal. ‘Global INTRAC’ was born. All EUSARF delegates involved in research on care-leaving were invited to attend the meeting. A total of 49 participants (over and above the regular INTRAC members) participated in a three-hour workshop, chaired by Emily Munro.

We opened with a presentation by Mike Stein and Harriet Ward, the founders of INTRAC, who reflected on the origins and development of INTRAC over the past 15 years. (Click here to download.) At the end, they were presented with awards for their major contribution to advancing global research on care leaving.

This was followed by presentations by three speakers on care leaving in three Global South countries or regions (click on names to download):

Finally, Varda Mann-Feder and Tehila Refaeli facilitated a networking exercise in which small groups of participants met around one of several themes in care leaving, to share their ideas and experiences from different parts of the world.

A survey was conducted at the end of the session to get participants’ feedback on the meeting and suggestions for the future.


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