Announcing the Care Leavers Festival as part of the 2nd Care Leavers Convention

The 1st International Care Leavers Convention was held virtually in 2020 and gave birth to the Global Care Leavers Community, a network of Care Leavers and Care Leavers Network. This global community is happy to announce the Care Leavers Fest to be held between 20th – 22nd November 2022.

The global community of care-experienced youth is asking for contributions from peers and fellow care-experienced youth from everywhere, which can be shared by 12th November 2022 in pre-recorded/prepared formats. Please see the flyer attached for more details.

This Fest is part of the 2nd International Care Leavers Convention, where a closure webinar will again most likely be held in Dec 2022 as an interface between policy-makers and the care leavers to present the key outcomes of the festival.

We request you to spread the word about this in your Care Leavers communities so that more and more youth participate and share their direct voices!

For details press: read more or write to the Global Care Leavers’ Community Secretariat at

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