Who are we


The purpose of INTRAC (the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care) is to promote national and international research on the transition from care to adulthood (care-leaving).

Strategic objectives

INTRAC is a community of researchers that works towards the following strategic objectives:

1.    Facilitating dialogue between care-leaving researchers across the globe.

2.    Promoting the development of emerging researchers, viz. doctoral candidates; early career academics; and researchers pioneering care-leaving research in their country.

3.    Promoting cross-national research on care-leaving.

4.    Creating or supporting opportunities for publication of national, international and comparative studies on care-leaving.

5.    Facilitating the utilization of research findings to inform policy and practice.

Executive committee

  • Prof Emily Munro (United Kingdom)
  • Prof Varda Mann-Feder (Canada)
  • Prof Adrian van Breda (South Africa)
  • Dr Rawan Ibrahim (Jordan)
  • Dr Tehila Refaeli (Israel)
  • Dr Eavan Brady (CoRiT representative) (Ireland)

Draft INTRAC Constitution

Click here to view the INTRAC Constitution, which was agreed at the INTRAC meeting in Brașov, Romania in 2019.

Contact details