Disability resources

This webpage hosts key resources on disability and leaving care. These resources include research reports and articles published by members of the thematic interest group. If you have a relevant article or a report you would like to share please send to the convener of the group, Professor Berni Kelly at: b.r.kelly@qub.ac.uk.

Annotated bibliography

Members of the Disability and Leaving Care Thematic Interest Group (Berni Kelly, Wendy Mpaku and Ingri Hanne Brænne Bennwik) compiled an annotated bibliography of literature on disability and leaving care in April 2021. We plan to keep this updated on a regular basis so members can access contemporary resources on this topic. You can access this resource here.

Technical Reports

Here are a number of relevant research reports from members of the group:

Journal Articles

Here are two recent open access articles focused on disability and leaving care, authored by members of the group:

  • Crous et al. (2020) report on the experiences of young people with intellectual disabilities or mental health transitioning from care to supported housing in Spain. The strengths and weaknesses of this type of housing support are evaluated including recommendations for: extended support up to the age of 25; further opportunities for inclusion and participation; and enhanced coordination between child welfare and housing services.
  • Mupaku et al. (2021) present findings from a study in South Africa on the experiences of young people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism leaving residential child care homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Study participants reported a regression of independence due to disruptions to routines and services and a deterioration in mental health. However, young people and their caregivers also experienced a deepening of caregiver relationships. During the pandemic, ongoing provision of essential services for care leavers with intellectual disabilities and/or autism is recommended with an emphasis on wellbeing and progress towards independence and transition goals.