Thematic interest groups

About thematic interest groups

A thematic interest group is a space for dialogue between a subgroup of members of INTRAC and/or CoRiT who have a shared interested in particular aspect of leaving care, e.g., the experiences of disabled care-leavers; care-leavers in higher education; longitudinal research on care-leaving; or the use of life course theory to understand care-leaving.

Members of a thematic interest group will be added to a listserv of group members that is smaller and more focused than the overall INTRAC listserv. This will allow members of the thematic interest group to converse (via email) in greater depth with a smaller group of researchers with a shared interest in the theme.

In addition, there is a webpage in the INTRAC website for each thematic interest group, where members of the group can post information about their area in a permanent place for access by all members of INTRAC and also the public. Materials suitable for the webpage are research reports and announcements of conferences or webinars. The Home page of INTRAC ( is the equivalent for the entire INTRAC community.

How to join an thematic interest group

If you are joining INTRAC for the first time, you will be able to select the interest group(s) you wish to join when you complete the membership form. We will then add you to the listserv of that group.

If you are already a member of INTRAC and want to join a group, navigate to the group’s page and send an email to the group leader with your name and email, requesting to join the group. We will then add you to the listserv of that group.

Can I start a new thematic interest group

Yes! Please do!! If you would like to start a group, first identify a few people who want to join you in starting the group – you must come with at least a few people already interested. Decide who will be the group leader. That person takes responsibility to convene the group (though not to run it, as that is a collective responsibility) and to handle membership issues. Send an email with your idea for the group and the details of the group leader to and we will get in touch with you to discuss the way forward.