Integrating theoretical and methodological aspects in longitudinal studies of care leavers

Research workshop of the Israel Science Foundation (ISF Grant # 952/21)

Prof. Anat Zaira and Prof. (Emeritus) Rami Benbenishty from the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work at the Hebrew University, together with Dr. Tahila Rafali and Dr. Neta Achdut from the Department of Social Work at Ben Gurion University, have been conducting in the past decade a series of longitudinal studies on care leavers in Israel (two funded by the ISF and one funded by the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Education). These studies have important theoretical and practical implications – for policy and alike –  in Israel and globally.

As part of their ISF grant, Anat, Rami and Tahila hosted an international workshop that took place on January 22-26, 2023. A number of leading experts from around the world participated in this workshop together with colleagues from Israel. The participants presented theoretical and empirical state-of-the-art knowledge about longitudinal studies on care leavers, discussed possibilities to improve research processes, and ways in which they can contribute to the processes of designing policies and social programs.

Longitudinal studies on the outcomes of care leavers are relatively scarce due to methodological and ethical challenges. The participants of this workshop shared ideas for future collaborations that we hope will become a research group on this important topic.

You can find here the workshop’s program, the presentations, as well as some publications and other materials.

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