Nordic Research Network on Care Leavers

Nordic Research Network on Care Leavers’ Transition to Adulthood (NRT)

Nordic Research Network on Care Leavers´ Transition to Adulthood held its first network meeting in 2010. The meeting was in Oslo, in the localities of Oslo Metropolitan University. The network was started by the Swedish and Norwegian representatives in INTRAC, and the objective was, and is, to bring together researchers from the Nordic countries. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland (from 2022) and Norway are represented.

NRT is loosely organized and is open to all researchers who are doing research on leaving care.

The network has arranged almost annual meetings in the countries of its members. Between 15 and 25 researchers have attended the meetings. In these meetings we present our research and publications to each other. In some cases, participants have found colleagues to do joint work together with. Young researchers, as well as semiretired colleagues, and those in-between, have attended the meetings.

In 2018 we published a special issue on leaving care research of Nordic Social Work Research:

We do not have a specific profile on the work done by the members, but it is obvious that the Nordic welfare model is in focus for at least some of us. The Nordic countries have quite similar welfare regimes, but they also differ on certain issues.

The network is connected on Facebook:

Contact persons for each country:


  • Zulmir Becevic          
  • Gothenburg University          


  • Anne-Kirstine Mølholt
  • Aalborg University


  • To be confirmed


  • Freydís J. Freysteinsdóttir
  • University of Iceland


  • Veronika Paulsen
  • Norwegian university of science and technology