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All members of INTRAC are invited to submit your own posts to the Global INTRAC website.

Please prepare a post title, the post text (which can be multiple paragraphs) and upload at least one photo that will be used as the cover for the post. You may upload up to 10 attachments, including documents and photos.

You must have a gmail account to use this option, as the uploading function utilises Google Drive.

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Please write the post in a style that is ready to be loaded onto the website. However, do note that all posts will be moderated by the webmaster, and content may be adjusted to suit the website. If substantive changes are made, the webmaster will confirm these adjustments prior to posting the revised post.

Please remember that Global INTRAC has an international audience, so be sure to locate your description of your message in its relevant context.

Please do not use this function to distribute research reports or publications. Rather use the submit publications feature.

If you have queries about this function, please email for support.