Membership of INTRAC is open to researchers who are conducting research on care-leaving. Admission to membership requires evidence of being involved in conducting research on care-leaving. Continued membership requires an ongoing record of research publications (inclusively defined as reports, articles, chapters, dissertation, co-authored, etc.).

CoRiT (Community of Researchers in Transition) is a subgroup of INTRAC, and comprises postgraduate (masters and doctoral) students and those who graduated within the past three years. CoRiT members have full access to INTRAC, and in addition are able to participate in activities specific to CoRiT members.

You may also choose to join one or more of the INTRAC thematic interest groups. These are subgroups of INTRAC members with a common area of interest, e.g. disabled care-leavers or care-leavers in higher education. This allows for more focused conversations on a shared theme with a smaller group of researchers actively working on that theme.

Please complete the form below to join INTRAC and/or CoRiT.

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