The Steering Group Meeting on August 4: A summary

The INTRAC Steering Group met on August 4 via Zoom, with 48 members present representing 28 countries.

The activities of the Executive Committee since our last meeting in Romania last October were reviewed. It was also reported that Global INTRAC grew by 25% in 2020, with a total membership to date of 272 worldwide.

Two substantive issues in relation to the future of INTRAC were discussed: Finance and Conference Planning:

  1. Those present encouraged the members of EXCO to seek external sources of funding to support the activities of INTRAC, although 65% of those present endorsed some form of self-financing. A Finance Committee will be convened to explore options and present a more detailed budget at next year’s Steering Group, or earlier via email.
  2. We had a lively discussion of options for future conferences beyond EUSARF and volunteers came forward for a Conference Planning Committee.

A poll circulated on Zoom was used to evaluate this first online Steering Group meeting, with positive results overall. Sixty-one percent of those present rated the meeting as equally effective as an in-person meeting, while 97% enjoyed the meeting “quite a lot” or “very much”.

Many thanks to all who attended for their participation!

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