Care-leaving research videos

INTRAC invited its members to create short (5-minutes) videos about themselves and their work, together with keywords that capture the essence of their work. To search this list for videos that are relevant to your work, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type a keyword. This will locate the videos with that keyword.

Name & LinkCountryKey words
Alderson, HayleyUKSubstance misuse, mental health, looked after children, qualitative, behaviour change
Bengtsson, MattiasSwedenLongitudinal studies, qualitative research, resilience, life course theory, agency
Berejena Mhongera, PamhidzayiZimbabweinstitutional care, transitions, livelihood outcomes, adolescent girls
Bond, SueSouth Africapossible selves, future focus, resilience, South Africa, methodology, social work, social work practice, postgraduate, study, student, University of Johannesburg
Doucet, MelanieCanadasocial support; relationships; support network; social capital
Dubéchot, Patrick James,Samuel Kerivel, Aude Dheilly, Cyril VIPS, Laboratoire Vysotskaya, VolhaFrancesocial capital, foster care, children, children’s village, foster care, research-action
García Alba, LauraSpainlife skills, residential care, intervention
Goebbels, PetraUKcross-national comparison, suicidal ideation, IPTS, coping, mixed methods
Greeson, JohannaUSAsocial support; natural mentoring; intervention research; COVID19; pandemic
Gullo, Federica  Spaintransition to adulthood from care, residential care, foster care, intervention, care experiences, semi-structured interviews, self-esteem, wellbeing, life skills.
Gwenzi, GetrudeSouth AfricaZimbabwe, family meanings 
Gyourko, JohnUSArisk and resilience factors impacting transitions from foster care to adulthood; fraud victimization and credit utilization among current and former foster youth; experiences of foster youth during COVID-19; Adult functioning and life outcomes of foster care alumni
Incarnato, Mariana
Rodriguez, Florencia
Argentinapolicies, strategies, actions, transition, residential care system, Latin American countries
Keller, Samuel Thomas, Gabriel Werner, Karin Stohler, Renate Brahmann, JessicaSwitzerlandLeaving care research (foster care, residential care, Unaccompanied minors, adoption); Qualitative, narrative approaches (biographical approach, life-course perspective, multiperspective, comparative research, turning points); Ethical methodological reflection; (inter) subjective meaning of transition; implementation of results into policy and practice
King-Jordan, TanikoUSAAlumni foster youth; transitional age foster youth; ethnography
Losantos Velasco, MarcelaBoliviatransit conditions ; Bolivia
Manninen, MarkoFinlandPsychology, researcher, conduct problems, intervention, After reform school study
Mendes, PhilipAustraliaExtending care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) care leavers, housing pathways, comparative work
Modi, KiranIndiaCare experienced youth, housing, education, interpersonal skills
Montserrat, Carme Crous, GemmaSpain25-35 years old; mental health problems; intellectual disabilities; housing program
Niiranen, JanetteFinlandSocial psychology, PhD student, researcher, agency, reform school
Oterholm, IngerNorwayFoster parents; aftercare; adult vs child services
Paul, JohnUSAidentity capital model, ecomapping, narrative approach, stigma, college, emerging adulthood, mentoring
Pedro Gaspar, JoãoPortugalTransition; Education; Holistic intervention; Non-profit association; Portugal
Perez, Luciana CassarinoBrazilresidential care; Brazil
Reason, PatrickBrazilpublic policies; Brazil
Refaeli, TehilaIsraelresilience, longitudinal, mix-methods, coping, struggle, intimate relationships, parenthood
Sala Roca, JosefinaSpaintransition; care leavers; aging out; indicators; employability skills; socioemotional skills
Salazar, AmyCanadahigher education; postsecondary access; postsecondary retention; LGBTQ+; foster care; aging out; evidence-based practice; intervention development; intervention adaptation; program evaluation; trauma; child maltreatment; PTSD
Smart, DebbieUKedge of care, innovation, intervention
Storø,JanNorwayWelfare model; History of leaving care; Theory; Interdependence; Transition
Strahl, BenjaminGermanyLeaving care research and practice development, (higher) education, qualitative (narrative) approaches, empowerment and care-leaver (self-)organisations, international comparison of policies and practice, ethical reflections
Sulimani-Aidan, YafitIsraelat risk young adults, resilience, transition to adulthood, mentoring, future expectations, life skills, coping, hope
van Breda, AdrianSouth Africasocial ecological resilience; longitudinal methods; mixed methods; care leaving outcomes; crime; employment; NEET; housing; accommodation; health; education
Zeller, Maren
Hengstler, Pia
SwitzerlandLeaving Care Research and Practice Development, Unaccompanied Minors as Care Leavers, Agency, Strengthening Care Leavers’ Rights, Family-Based Support

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